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Why With Us

International Standard largest Private Polytechnic Institute in Bangladesh. NPI does not compromise in respect of quality.

Our Commitment

NPIs are committed to produce skill Mid-level Engineers with minimum Tuition Fees compared to other Private Polytechnic Institutes.

Who With Us

Internationally reputed technical academicians are engaged in Chief Advisor, Principals, Counselor and Advisors.


Academic activities are conducted by more than hundred highly qualified, efficient and experienced teachers what other Private Polytechnics do not posses.

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The vision of National Polytechnic Institutes (NPI) is to become a leading private polytechnic and remain as a top center of excellence in technical education and training. It aims at attracting brilliant students, teachers, and technicians from all over the country.
The mission of NPI is to produce highly skilled technical manpower. This mission is achieved by imparting high quality technical education and training so that individuals can achieve their intellectual, social and personal potentials. NPI is committed to developing human capital by sharpening creative thinking. In addition to creation and dissemination of technical knowledge, its mission includes promotion of
humanism and peace through education. As a social institution, NPI endeavors to induce changes for betterment of the society as a whole through public services, and through promotion of ethical behavior and social justice

Recent News

এনপিআই ইউনিভার্সিটির অন্যতম ট্রাস্টি ও পরিচালক এবং ন্যাশনাল পলিটেকনিক ইনস্টিটউট, মানিকগঞ্জের চেয়ারম্যান বীর মুক্তিযোদ্ধা মোঃ ইদরীস আলী সস্ত্রীক পবিত্র ওমরা হজ্ব পালনের জন্য আজ রাতে মক্কা শরীফের উদ্দেশ্যে রওনা করবেন। তিনি সকলের দোয়া প্রার্থনা করেছেন।

In the recent years the Technical Education in Bangladesh has got a new momentum with the initiative of the Govt. In addition to Enhancement of the enrolment capacity in Govt. Polytechnic Institutes, the Govt. encouraged the establishment of Private Polytechnic Institutes in the country.

The outcome of NPI, Dhaka is better than that of other Private Polytechnic Institute. The NPI, Dhaka achieved a remarkable reputation by producing skilled mid-level technical manpower and placement of its graduates in the job market in home and aboard.

The NPI, Dhaka considers as its obligation that their produced manpower be provided in the job market as well as in the industry as soon as they joined in the field of job market. 

Six students from National Polytechnic Institute, Dhaka

1. Redoy Mondol,2. Chowdhury Shubru Barua,3. Md. Naim Hossain,4. Mahamudul Islam,5. Md. Khairul Islam and6. Md. Ahnaf Tahsin Alamwill leave Bangladesh on 23rd Sept. 2017 to study Diploma Engineering in Jiangsu Agri-animal Husbandry Vocational College under China Government scholarship.

Recent Event

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